What to expect from breast reconstruction?

What to expect from breast reconstruction?

When undergoing mastectomy surgery, it is normal to feel anxious and insecure, as it is a very delicate operation, which involves such intimate and significant private parts, directly related to the woman’s sexuality and self-esteem. But now that you have chosen a better quality of life, you have the opportunity to determine your next steps. But first, you must think carefully and investigate your feelings to find out what is best for you.

Do your Research

Your doctor probably must have mentioned the option of breast reconstruction. During reconstruction, a plastic surgeon creates a breast shape using an artificial implant (implant reconstruction), a flap of tissue from another part of the body (autologous reconstruction), or both. Some women prefer to wear a prosthesis (wearable artificial breast shape) instead of doing the reconstruction. Other women find that a reconstructed breast is more convenient than using, removing and caring for a prosthetic breast. It is essential that you do your research and evaluate the pros and cons. Talk to several plastic surgeons, seek recommendations and talk to women who had undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries. Also, learn how they felt and how they feel afterwards.

Evaluate the results

Unfortunately, the reconstructed breast will not have the same sensitivity as the breast it replaces. The scars are visible and will always be present on the breast, whether after reconstruction or mastectomy. Some surgical techniques will leave scars at the donor site, usually located in less exposed areas of the body, such as on the back, abdomen or buttocks.


If, after doing your research, you choose to do the breast reconstruction operation, it’s essential to know that the post-operative recovery process is as necessary as the surgery itself. Take this time to rest, to look after yourself and wear the right compression garment for your recovery.

Doctor’s choice

The Yoga Model compression garments most recommended by doctors, especially for this unique recovery are the Seamless bra with Wide straps (3030x) and Adjustable straps (3030/3015X). These models are available on the online shop www.yogamodel.co.uk.Very comfortable and ideal for daily use, these great bras have front hooks (with two adjustments) that make it easy to get ready. They also provide the right compression and support, helping you get the best results on your recovery.

Yoga Model Compression Garments has over 40 years of expertise in compression garments. It’s internationally recognised by following the highest standards of quality, safety, and comfort. Why choose Yoga Model? We know that high-quality fabric is not enough to make a good piece. Our differential is the continuous research in modelling so that the cut and sewing of each model are impeccable and provide comfort for many hours of use. Also, all our products are health and well-being guarantee and approved by International Health Certified Agencies.

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