What’s Renuvion Liposuction?

What’s Renuvion Liposuction?

What’s Renuvion Liposuction?

What’s Renuvion Liposuction?

Renuvion is a radiofrequency and plasma technology.

Doctors apply to the end of Lipo HD to cause tissue retraction at the skin and subcutaneous levels.

It’s considered one of the most significant technological advances in plastic surgery in the last 20 years.

It treats flabby skin very well with very little trauma to the body.

The device was launched in 2018, but its authorisation by Anvisa took place in 2020.

Only a few plastic surgeons use the technology in Brazil.

Even so, this is a huge advance, as it results in up to 80% shrinkage of sagging skin.

The tissue contraction effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure.

The result continues to improve during the body’s recovery time.

In the past it was necessary to associate Lipo HD with an abdominoplasty but thanks to this technological advance, not anymore.

How Renuvion works

When introducing and positioning the handpiece (disposable consumable), doctors apply Renuvion below the skin, in the subdermis at the end of liposuction.

Helium gas and radiofrequency are activated, releasing to create a precise flow of energy – the plasma.

Thus, the device produces enough heat to reach temperatures above 85º C in the subcutaneous septa and 42º C in the skin.

On the other hand, excess helium gas cools the treatment area while generating enough heat to contract the skin.

This combination of energy tightens the tissues just under the skin, making them tense and retract, and melts the remaining fat in the cells.


Renuvion technology also plays a vital role in patient safety.

It brings:

a smoother and less painful postoperative period;

a quicker return to daily activities;

a reduction in the occurrence of irregularities;


Do Renuvion if you:

  • Want to treat well the sagging skin on the abdomen that remains after pregnancy;
  • Have already removed the localised fat in the previous liposuction but had a little sagging skin left over.

However, it’s necessary to wait at least six months after the last procedure to undergo another surgery.

Remember: Lipo HD and Renuvion walk side by side.

It’s essential to evaluate each case in a particular way and indicate the best medical conduct.

Learn more about Renuvion

The only person who can certify the feasibility of plastic surgery is the specialist physician and member of the Plastic Surgery Society.


The post-surgery recovery treatment is as important as the plastic itself.

It’s essential to invest in high-quality compression garments that will provide the best results following the doctor’s recommendation.

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