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Yoga®️ offers the highest quality body shapers and surgical compression garments in the world.

Typically used after cosmetic surgery, Yoga Compression Garments are “even more important than the surgery itself,” according to surgeons, because they help the patient “heal without scarring and other deformities.”

Yoga Compression Garments carries more than 100 different types of surgical compression garments and body shapers to support the circulatory system, back and general body posture conditions.

Yoga Compression Garments are designed to help bring wellness back to your body and assist your body’s natural healing process after surgery.

Healing help
Yoga Compression Garments offers Medical, Aesthetic, Fashion, Pregnancy/post Natal and Reparative compression garments.

Medical garments are recommended for use during the first 3 months following surgery because they have a hook-and-eye closure that permits an easy fitting. These include girdles, compression vests, bras and body suits for use following cosmetic surgery, liposuction, breast surgery and reconstruction. We feature garments for post-surgical therapy to the upper body, lower body, legs, arms, hands, face and neck.

One plastic surgeon says he recommends Yoga Compression Garments because they have “a great influence in avoiding scarring and the accumulation of body fluids in and below the surgery area. This accumulation of body fluids can cause serious problems to the patient, including the occurrence of infection sites which ultimately may cause pain or even the loss of the expected benefits from the surgical procedure”.

Aesthetic Garments are versatile body shapers which aid in healing, weight reduction and general wellness. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of the benefits of the Aesthetic line can easily wear it on daily basis and will shape their body only within weeks.

Pregnancy and Post-pregnancy garments are recommended for every pregnant women. Our garments help revive you from back pains or having a tired body due to poor blood circulation. If your body is retaining fluid or your worried about putting on too much weight, then Yoga Compression Garments are just what we recommend.

After giving birth, women need support to their back and belly, to assist the empty uterus to return to its natural size by stimulating the lymphatic system to work and expel impurities and excess of fluids from the body. We offer a wide variety of post pregnancy garments for our clients.

Yoga Compression Garments thinks about every situation that should ask more attention, so due to high demand our we created to our clients Yoga®️Model Fashion body shapers, bikinis, sunkinis, swimming suits, waist trainers, compression dresses and much more. Yoga Compression Garments brings charming and enhancement to the body curves, avoiding imperfections that a cloth may mark.

Our Fashion garments are inspired by women and men who feel good about themselves, giving them confidence.

Reparative garments
Are recommended for hernias, tendonitis, and many different injuries from different parts of the body.

What you should know about Yoga Compression Garments
Our Bidirectional fabric is breathable and  made of 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex. Our products are latex free. Accordingly to this combination, Yoga®️ fabric does not hold the heat of the body (letting your body breathe), they are hypo- allergenic and do not limit extensive body movements.

Yoga Compression Garments has experience know how in compression garments, bringing to its users the best fabric, best designers and best recovery results. Our product line is expanding (example: swimwear) and improving to provide the best results in every field regarding post surgery and body shape.

Yoga Compression Garments works on the treatment of localised fat, cellulites, flabbiness, weight loss, shaping the body through loosing centimetres.


Yoga®️ supplies the highest quality products to plastic surgeons, Aestheticians, Beauticians, Nutritionists and Dietician across Europe. Yoga®️ compression garments have been manufactured by hand in Brazil since 1980. Brazil is a country well know for its plastic surgery excellence and innovation techniques. The Yoga®️ range of products are tested and approved with strict quality control and has received certification from The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, ANVISA since 2009. Yoga®️ products are Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX. This means that our products do not contain harmful substances.