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A natural and healthy way, the Yoga®️ exclusive fabric works with your daily movements, compressing and massaging the body while activating blood circulation. Our post surgical garments aid in lymphatic drainage, subsiding swelling and eliminating toxins.

Composition: 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex, latex free

Our fabric is specially developed by Yoga®️ brand for Yoga Compression Garments products, providing the perfect compression. Such features as incorporating lower hook and eye closures on our compression dress help keep the dress in place without rolling up.

One of the main functions of Yoga®️ products is to compress the body naturally and comfortably, so you must wear the correct size.

Yoga Compression Garments has the distinction of manufacturing products tailored according to the needs of each person.

All Yoga Compression Garments products are available for purchase, but some custom styles can be provided.

Not all styles in black colour are available in stock, so some products can be made to order.

As we produce a very wide range of styles, sizes and colour, you will find all styles available to purchase, however, some products are made to measure or back-ordered, therefore delivery time may vary between 4-6 weeks.

On the product page you will see information if the product is, out of stock or on back-order. You can still purchase the product, but the delivery time can change.

Sizes above XL and tailored made styles (different measurements in a garments piece) will incur a 20% additional charge in the value of the product. This is due to the garment being custom made.

Please do not hesitate to email us regarding products, stock availability, delivery times or how to buy from our website.

Reviews and feedback
We would like to hear back from you on any improvements we think we can offer. Yoga Compression Garments aims to offer the highest quality product at a competitive price. Please email us at

Right size measurement
To find how to measure yourself and getting the right size and best fitting. please view our Size Guide according to your required garment.

Washing instructions
The quality and long life of Yoga Compression Garments are directly related to the special care and Washing Instructions for your garment.


Yoga®️ supplies the highest quality products to plastic surgeons, Aestheticians, Beauticians, Nutritionists and Dietician across Europe. Yoga®️ compression garments have been manufactured by hand in Brazil since 1980. Brazil is a country well know for its plastic surgery excellence and innovation techniques. The Yoga®️ range of products are tested and approved with strict quality control and has received certification from The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, ANVISA since 2009. Yoga®️ products are Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX. This means that our products do not contain harmful substances.
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