Can compression garments help you to lose weight?

Can compression garments help you to lose weight?

Can compression garments help you to lose weight?

Given the numerous benefits provided by compression garments, weight loss is also among them. Compression garments, when combined with the practice of physical exercises, can also help you lose some inches, according to experts. There are already several types and models of compression garments, such as closely-fitting leggings, shirts, shorts, binders and socks. The right compression garment can enhance your performance during training and help you with the recovery afterwards. Many runners nowadays wear socks to prevent cramps and the swelling in their calf muscles.

While they are quite tight, the compression garments are made to allow you to move appropriately and let the circulation of air, so you will not end up feeling uncomfortably warm when practising exercises. Besides, the compression garments help to increase blood flow speed to specific body parts by compressing the tissues and underlying veins, helping to eliminate fluids from your body.

Yoga Model Best Sellers

Yoga Model provides a great variety of compression garments, and they are all suitable to be worn at the gym or outdoors, as they are made out of high-quality fabric, antiallergic and can also be used for post-surgical recovery and in the treatment of burns.

So it will not cause any irritation on your skin during physical exercises.

Here are some of our Yoga Model compression garments best sellers to be worn during your workout.

It is used on the abdomen to shape, compress and reduce your measurements.
The piece has 6 bones for better support, without causing any irritations or annoyances on your skin.

They can improve sports performance, reduce muscle fatigue and promote fast recovery.
They’re recommended to be worn from 6 to 8 hours daily to get the best results.
Emana Leggings are also great to reduce cellulite, providing firmness and more elasticity to your skin. They help to increase the collagen synthesis, promoting better skin microcirculation, and better skin thermoregulation.

This Abdominal Band comes in 2 colours, chocolate and black, and can be worn as a fitness waist trainer for daily use. The boning helps to provide support and better posture.

Why choose Yoga Model?

We know that high-quality fabric is not enough to make a good piece. Our differential is the continuous research in modelling so that the cut and sewing of each model are impeccable and provide comfort for many hours of use. Also, all our products are health and well-being guarantee and approved by International Health Certified Agencies.

About Yoga Model London

We supply the highest quality products to plastic surgeons, Aestheticians, Beauticians, Nutritionists, and Dieticians across Europe.
The Yoga range of products is tested and approved with strict quality control and has received certification from The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, ANVISA, since 2009. Yoga products are Standard 100, certified by OEKO-TEX. It means that our products do not contain harmful substances.

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