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Which is the best bra for breast augmentation?
Both Signature and i-Bra are recommended after having a breast augmentation. Firstly we have the Signature bra, which provides 4/5 compression. Although no exact science, typically if a patient is having small to moderately sized implants, up to 350cc this bra will provide ideal compression and support. Next we have the i-Bra, which will provide you with 5/5 support. This is our most supportive and compressive bra and is great for patients choosing to have slightly larger implants, usually over 350cc and above. The i-Bra is also good for patients having anatomical (teardrop) implants to prevent rotation. The seams on this bra are only on the outside, not on the inside and therefore no seams will rub against inframammary scars (under the bust, in the crease line).

Both the bras have fully expandable cups, which means that they will mould around your new cupsize and also accommodate swelling, so no need to buy a size bigger in our bras. As mentioned, the bras are also seamless against your skin so it will gently care for your scars, ensuring they heal as neatly as possible.

What size bra shall I order?
All bras have fully expandable cups which means that they will mould around your new cup size and also accommodate swelling, so no need to buy a size bigger in our bras. The bras are also seamless against your skin so it will gently care for your scars, ensuring they heal as neatly as possible. You order the bras according to your normal bra back size, e.g. 32” or 36”.

Do I need to wear a breast band?
The breast band has been designed predominantly for patients having submuscular (also known as ‘unders’) or facia (also known as ‘partials’) placement of their implants.

The aim of the breast band is to help the implants stabilise in the surgical pocket that the surgeon has created under the patient’s own breast tissue. If the implant is placed under or partially under the muscle it is normal for the muscle to want push the implants upwards. The breast band can typically be very helpful if a patient has a strong breast muscles, the breast band can then assist in speeding up recovery for the patient. Every patients’ muscles are different so there is no exact science to say who needs a breast band after surgery hence why we always recommend to check with your surgeon or nurse as they are in charge of your care.

I measure myself on the back and I’m 32′, what size bra should I get?
We recommend getting the same size as you are on high street size. If you are 32′ on high street, you will be 32′ (Small) on bras as well. If you have taken the actual measurement underneath your bust and you are 33′ then we recommend that you order the next size up, therefore the size Medium (34).

What is the difference between the 1007 and 1006?
The difference between the Signature bra and the i-Bra is that the i-Bra has got a reinforced outward facing seam underneath the bust which is how it provides more support than the Signature bra. We would usually recommend the I-Bra to patients with a larger natural bust or with large implants. As a rough guide, we suggest the I-Bra to patients having over 350cc implants.

I’m a 34dd and I’ll be 34f, what size bra should I get?
You should order our size Medium (34). Our bras are all surgically designed and therefore will accommodate for any post-surgical swelling meaning that you do not need to go up a size.

I’m having my implants removed, what garment do you recommend?
For implant removal, we would recommend our Minimizer bra. We would recommend this bra due to the fact that you will need compression on your breast and because that is no cups on this bra, it will give the compression needed.

I’m having a double mastectomy, what garment do you recommend?
For a double mastectomy, we would recommend our Mastectomy bra. This bra is our softest and most gentle bra. The bra has a reinforced base with pre-moulded cups and two pockets for prosthesis’s.


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