6 reasons why surgical bras are half of the success of beautiful breasts

post surgical bras

6 reasons why surgical bras are half of the success of beautiful breasts

To ensure amazing results after your surgery, you also need to think about post-operative care. This will make up half the success of getting great results. As the body reacts to the surgery, it often causes uncomfortable swelling and your breasts will initially look unnatural and “bloated”. For this purpose, post-operative compression undergarments were developed to keep your breast secure and speed up the healing process.

Why use surgical bras:

  1. They support the proper placement of your implants
  2. They accelerate healing
  3. They minimize swelling
  4. They reduce the risk of infection
  5. They help you to get back to normal life much quicker
  6. You can wear them even after the healing is completed as they also make pretty lingerie that works well during sport activities

What happens if I don’t wear the bra?

Not wearing a surgical bra will extend the healing process and may create critical problems. Such problems may include bruising, different shape between each breast and poor adhesion of connective tissue. This can lead to a variety of aesthetic defects which may require surgical correction later on.
However, if you’re well-informed and follow all instructions, then you’re on the right course towards your desired figure with great results.

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